Who can boast that they have been in business for 60 years, especially in the Travel Industry? A lot has changed since  November 1959 when World Wide Tours first opened up under the name “Danforth Travel” on Danforth Ave. at the corner of Broadview in Toronto East…

But what hasn’t changed is that it is still owned by the same family. In fact if you drop in person at World Wide Tours now situated in the Georgina area You will find her daughter Karen who has been with the company full time now for over 30 years. 

Mr. Joseph Kleinjohann founded the company back in 1959 and then later moved the business to Shopper‘s World Plaza in the early 1960’s Mr. Kleinjohann pioneered the first charter flights to Germany then chartering TWA and later Lufthansa when they first flew into Toronto. Back then the regulations were so stiff as to participate in the purchase of a charter flight which had a seemingly reduced price ticket one had to belong to a club for an extended period of time. Later In the early 1970’s as German community moved into the suburbs so did we as we moved to Kingston Road. With a whole sale company located on Pineridge and the retail company just east of Markham Rd. I would help my parents with the first “fuel surcharge “collection at the airport. Today prices are guaranteed when paid in full. I guess back then the airlines would spring these kinds of charges to us. I remember assisting the elderly to their seat at a time when there was no airport security and I could walk on board without a ticket. Although at first I sought a different career in interior design. I later found my “routes” in the travel industry. At one time we were even an exclusive agency for Wardair bringing many people over from Germany to Canada. My mother Jutta also spent a lot of time bringing people over from the D.D.R. I would have the chore of filling out the 5 copies of visa applications per person by hand. The biggest challenge back then was bringing people out of Romania, and this was with often disappointing results. In 1986 World Wide Tours ( then the name of the wholesale company) was dissolved, and the name was used for the retail company as it moved up the street to Eglinton Ave.E., and no longer anywhere near Danforth.  In Dec 2016 the store was sold and the business moved to Markham in a home office setting while the current permanent location was being built in Keswick.

World Wide Tours endured the challenges of the travel business. The extreme automation, the wars in the Middle East, 911, Sars all of them evoking in us the fear of traveling. Now the swine flu! And while these disasters (some inflicted by mankind) did negatively influenced peoples travel patterns, the real truth is that travel around the world has only increased. More airlines are being formed around the world and new destinations are being discovered by Canadians. World Wide Travel has the mandate of providing this information to their customers. 

  • Latin American destinations like Chile, Argentina and Brazil are “in” destinations. We are organizing customized tours to Brazil for example whereby the theme of the trip would be to understand, visit and interact with German communities settled there.
  • Look at the Middle East, yes the middle east is not only a war zone, UAE ‐ United Arab Emirates, the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, for example, are very safe and thriving new business centers…. Who would not be interested in visiting land of the Sheiks and the highest building in the world? Stay in beautiful hotels. Well let me tell you the airfare to these places are not much more that flying to Europe. The hotel, well it depends of what you would like to spend. ….. Yes there are new places to be seen and discovered and we are able to help you with the arrangements.

Back to Canada, with more and more people playing doctor or travel agent and looking after their own needs on line. There are a couple things to remember. Who are you going to blame if something goes wrong? Who are you going to call if you need information of any sort often not available on line? It is important to remember that you are not protected by T.I.C.O. Travel Industry Council of Ontario, if you book yourself directly with a cruise line, airline or a supplier. Only when you deal directly with a TICO accredited Travel Agent you will be covered. In case something goes wrong this will save you time, anguish and money. Our business changed a lot. In the past we were paid commission. Today, commission is out for the majority of the services we provide; therefore we have to charge a nominal fee. But then, you also pay for your hair dresser, repair person, accountant or lawyer. And, I think it’s fair to say that when a professional is involved the outcome is better. 

World Wide Tours is able to provide you with an array of travel services. From air, to car rentals, hotel overnights, bus tours, vacation packages and travel insurances. The benefits of travel Insurances are often underestimated. You do not want to get caught off guard and discover your current insurances don’t cover stable pre existing conditions. It could be very costly if you think you are covered but are not. Or need a visa, and don’t have one. Or get a fine because you just didn’t get the advice you needed. A travel agent is your best insurance. 

Our web site does not have a booking engine. Our  intention is to give personalized service, and rather we will concentrate in information that may be interesting for you as a traveler, deals and special programs. 

  • Now you may ask yourself why WWT? Here are the benefits in using the new World Wide Tours:
  • Personalised Service – Good service is a combination of knowhow, contacts and the gentle magic touch that differentiates us from the competitors.
  • Talk to someone – Yes, we believe it is still important to talk to people.
  • Access to a restricted distribution channel – As a Travel Agent, we do have access to an array of offers from various segments such as Air Travel, Cruises, Hotels, Car rentals and land Packages. These offers are not available to you as a consumer.
  • Dependability & responsibility – You can be sure your travel arrangements will be dealt with thoroughly and speedily.

With this, I would kindly ask you to try us out on your next travel requirements.